A seaweed learning network

As Phyconomy has become better known, I started receiving more and more messages from people saying: “I am new to seaweed, I want to start something, but I am not sure exactly what or how yet. Can you help me?”

I lack the time to respond to all of those messages. To help out seaweed beginners instead, I started a seaweed learning network. Basically, this is just a Google spreadsheet that helps seaweed newbies find one another.

The idea is that people who are new to the seaweed industry can help each other, by

  • sharing what they have learned so far
  • figuring out together what business / research idea is the best way forward for them
  • collaborating on projects together

If that is what you need: the spreadsheet is open access. You can fill in your details right now, and delete them at any time. Go ahead and contact the people who seem interesting, they are waiting for your message.