Phyconomy tries to improve the flow of information in the seaweed industry

Phyconomy aims to improve the flow of information in the seaweed industry. The project (for now) consists of 2 main components

Every year I summarize and visualize the findings from the database and the newsletter in a State of the Industry blog post.

If you are new to the seaweed industry, you can join the learning network where seaweed beginners teach each other and collaborate.

I also offer a number of services, detailed below. To learn more about Phyconomy, see the about page.


Consulting: If you have an interesting question to do with seaweeds that involves research, interviews and synthesis, I might be able to help you.

Strategic communications: Social license to operate is mission critical. You don’t have that? You don’t have a business. I work together with the excellent people at Hornbeam & Co to enhance the dialogue between your company and the various stakeholders that surround your business, and align internal and external communications. They bring the strategy, I add the seaweed context.

M&A referrals and investment advice: I don’t know anything about finance but I have on occasion connected people.

Supply chain partnerships: Are you looking for a new company to buy from, sell to or partner with? I might be able to help.

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