Seaweeds are a valuable, underused resource. It is my belief that in a future bio-based, carbon-negative economy, seaweeds will have a larger role to play than they currently do.

To achieve that future, a lot of barriers need to be overcome in every aspect of the value chain: fundamental science, regulations, investment, farming and harvesting, biorefining, novel applications, certifications and conservation.

At Phyconomy, I research and write about the seaweed industry, often from a business angle.


Steven Hermans

I started Phyconomy in late 2020 without any previous connections to seaweed or aquaculture, but with a desire to learn, in the hope of making something that others could perhaps find useful. In this way, I share my learning journey in the world of seaweeds. Previously I founded a travel guide for Central Asia called Caravanistan.


Phyconomy started off with the generous support of the ClimateWorks Foundation.

If you are also interested in furthering Phyconomy’s mission, please get in touch.