The newsletter started in December 2020 as a round-up of the most important news items in the world of seaweed. As I have become more knowledgeable, the newsletter has become less about the latest news and more about the bigger picture. It currently appears roughly every 3 weeks.

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Stellar newsletter…to be read and re-read.

Alan Critchley, 40 years in seaweed academia and business

LOVE the newsletter, we are avid readers of it.

Bren Smith, Founder Greenwave

I find your newsletters refreshingly accurate and truthful (even if it hurts). If we want to talk about the good, we need to be adult enough to talk about the bad. GREAT WORK.

Daphne Taylor, R&D Advisor, Forever Oceans

Rendering an invaluable service.

CRK Reddy, Former Chief Scientist, CSIR-CSMRI India

All of us at OCEANIUM look forward to and enjoy the no BS Phyconomy newsletter. A great source of non-biased info on the global industry…so thank you for that.

Karen Scofield-Seal, CEO Oceanium

Your newsletters are the perfect length and full of juicy information.

Caroline Hooft-Slootweg, Co-founder Kelp Blue

I really enjoy your writing. Please keep it up.

Adrien Vincent, Founder Seaweed for Europe and EU4Algae

Your Phyconomy blog is fantastic!

Jake Reznick, Senior Associate at S2G Ventures – Oceans & Seafood

GREAT in all caps.

Thibaut Monfort, co-founder FlexSea

Excellent newsletter.

Tamas Vincze, Senior Investment Director, SAGANA

Thanks for writing Phyconomy! We all read the newsletter at Barnacle Foods.

Max Stanley, Barnacle Foods