A database of seaweed organisations

The Phyconomy database currently contains extensive information about more than 1300 organisations in the global seaweed industry. Gaps remain, but we continue to update.

The database also tracks investments in the seaweed economy.

Access to the database is free. You can also download a CSV of the data by clicking on the 3 dots (…) next to the All Companies header.

Dive deeper

For the most extensive filtering capabilities, view the data directly in Airtable. Using the filter and search buttons at the top you can easily drill down to the information you need. You could for instance filter on

  • “Aquaculture companies in Norway that harvest more than 100 tonnes”
  • “Startups building monitoring tech founded in the last year”
  • “Companies producing seaweed snacks that have more than $1 million in disclosed investments”
  • “Nonprofits with a mission to grow the industry”
  • “Fertiliser producers that use Ascophyllum Nodosum”
  • “Early-stage VCs with a focus on climate”
  • Et cetera

With the group and sort buttons you can organise your queries.


Is your organisation missing? Some data is wrong? Please let me know and I will add the missing data to the database shortly.

Any other comments, ideas or propositions are also welcome! Send me a message.

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