Many macroalgae researchers are at it alone. By breaking down private-public silos and building interdisciplinary connections across academia, we can magnify and accelerate the impact of any individual researcher’s work.

I have started a collaborative researcher directory to do just that. Use the filter and sort options at the top-left to filter the results, or the search button top-right to search for names or keywords.

If you are a researcher interested in connecting with others and increasing your visibility, please fill in your details in the form at the bottom of the page to join the directory.

Collaborative researcher directory

Join the collaborative researcher directory

Please note the “Technology areas” and “Disciplines” fields are at the moment simple text fields. I will transform them into multiple-choice fields once a few more researchers have filled in their profiles and I have a better view of which technology areas and disciplines are most common in seaweeds research.

Also, your research lab or company may not be in the database yet. You can leave it open, I will figure it out based on your profile, or I will reach out to you in case I cannot.

Do contact me if something is unclear. Thank you!