Grant funding

We tried to establish an overview of the seaweed grant funding landscape 2015-2020. It’s not an exhaustive summation, but with more than 250 grants already in the database, we hope to give a sense of who is funding what, where the priorities sit, and who the pivotal players are.

Clearly, 2018 was an inflection point when both governments and philanthropic donors started paying attention to seaweeds.

A wide variety of projects gets funded. Nonetheless, we can definitely discern a focus on conservation projects, aquaculture technology, capacity building and understanding seaweed biology. When it comes to seaweed applications, the large number of research projects on livestock methane emissions projects is notable.

If you would like to dive deeper into the connections that the grants ecosystem fosters, you can browse the visualization below. Use the search box top-left and the focus button on the right to zoom in on a certain grantmaker, grant or company/research institute, and see how (and how well) they are connected. The closer 2 elements are together on the map, the closer their connection. A full-screen version that zooms easier is available as well.