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2023 Seaweed State of the Industry

It’s the end of 2022, the second year I have been tracking the seaweed industry. Here, I try to visualise data I found in the Phyconomy database, and I look back at some of the trends I noticed in 2022.

State of the Seaweed Industry 2022

You gotta start somewhere There is a lot of excitement around the potential of the seaweed industry outside of Asia. Phyconomy was started at the end of 2020 to track this evolution. In this first …

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Putting the IT into IMTA

The 40-month H2020 IMPAQT project brought together a consortium of 21 companies and research institutes to drive the adoption of IMTA in Europe. As the project wrapped up last week, I spoke to coordinator Frank Kane of Ireland’s Marine Institute about IMPAQT’s accomplishments and the future of IMTA in Europe.

The race to scale Asparagopsis heats up

CH4 Global, Greener Grazing and Sea Forest all recently announced they are moving from research scale to production scale. It’s the start of a new stage in the race to reduce livestock’s methane emissions with seaweed supplements.